How to Make Good Marketing Strategy?

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How to Make Good Marketing Strategy?

Postby comparepandauk » Thu May 09, 2019 5:32 am

Sometimes, marketers around the world wonder why a lot of marketing ideas break up without being completed? Why, despite all our efforts, the revenue and income of companies fall? Why do customers not even remember their once loyal attitude, although we, marketers, put maximum effort to avoid it? ”

How to do good marketing?
It seems to me that there is one reason for all this - if marketing does not develop, it means that it just bends down. Even when we use new, more and more effective methods, Russian marketing is still in a certain embryonic state. The conclusion is only one - to achieve the intended results, you need to do good marketing.

As I wrote earlier, in order for marketing to develop, we, marketers, should listen carefully and, most importantly, hear the company's customers. And based on what we have heard doing good marketing, using more and more new and extravagant ways.

4 ways to do good marketing
The first thing to do is research and understand the customer. As a result, the following questions should be answered:

Who is our customer?
How much money is the client willing to spend in order to meet their needs?
Actually, what kind of needs are we talking about?
What needs to be done to make our client comfortable?
All this is quite realistic to implement. You can just ask the customer. You can observe the attitude of the client to the changes taking place. However, first of all, you need to become a client of yourself, i.e. your company.

The second. Need to learn from your customers. The world is changing, customers are changing too - they are getting smarter. For example, if earlier, only at the expense of an elementary discount, it was possible to create a queue at the door of our company, today this is not enough. Today, when our market is filled with inexpensive Chinese goods, the client no longer pays much attention to the price, now the client is more interested in quality, service and basic understanding. The era of sales and discounts ends. Something else begins.

CM. In terms of service, we are one of the best companies. This is reflected in everything: in the convenience of the site, the possibility of assortment selection, professional support by sales managers, delivery and after-sales support. When customers call us at Call Center, they hear a personal greeting in response. The manager, seeing the latest actions of the client, proceeds to a specific discussion of the order. He already roughly represents what a particular customer may need, so time is not wasted. We strictly monitor the skill level of our managers. All managers have been working for more than 5 years and professionally help to choose from our product range what most suits the client in this case. There are rare exceptional cases that it was due to our fault that something was carried out not in the expected standards. We carefully analyze such cases and, regardless of whose fault this happened, we apologize. Usually, the delivery is done, and the customer receives excusable bonuses or presents a gift.

The company has been working on the market for more than 17 years and during our work we have formed a huge customer base - more than 150 thousand people. For regular customers there is a loyalty program with a personal account. There is also a group of personal managers who serve VIP clients. In the near future, we plan to expand the functionality of our managers. For regular customers, we will offer free 24-hour information support. Since managers have permanent high-speed Internet access, then on behalf of a client they can find information that he urgently needed, for example, on the road.

Third. It is necessary to make it clear to all employees of the company what customer orientation is. The position of an employee, in principle, is not important: the seller, the guard, the cashier - everyone should understand what needs to be done, while knowing how to do it and most importantly, why. And everything should be with a smile and joy. Naturally, everyone does his own business, however, for the benefit of the common joy.

Fourth. Need investment in your staff. Invest in your employees and, seeing this, they will give up three times. And, speaking of investments, I do not mean, only the material component, investments should be, including moral ones. Take care of employees, and the result will not take long.

The fifth. It is necessary to create common values ​​and a common culture within the company itself. At the same time, customers should also feel that they are a part of this culture. Then it will no longer be about loyalty, then we can safely talk about loyalty.

Yes, maybe it looks like a perfect picture, however - this is a sign of good marketing in the company. And this can be achieved - you only need to go to the goal. And when it succeeds, the buyer will admire the activities of your company and really love you.
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Re: How to Make Good Marketing Strategy?

Postby rohinidubey » Thu May 16, 2019 1:58 am

The components of the marketing strategy...

1-Targeted Audience
3-Unique Advantages
4-Communication with your client
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