High Efficiency Tube Heat Exchanger

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High Efficiency Tube Heat Exchanger

Postby zhuyilong » Sun Mar 15, 2020 8:39 pm

The tapered finned tube condenser (FC tube for short) has tapered fins distributed on the external surface. The tapered fins greatly increase the heat exchanging area and increase the catch point for vapor condensation, thus making the liquid film thin and fractured, remarkably improving the condensation performance and improving the condensation effect.
The tapered fins are distributed annularly on the external surface of the tube, so that the condensate flows better and is guided away promptly, to keep the external surface of the condensing tube well exposed and guarantee the condensation performance of the condensing tube.
Guiding grooves are arranged on the external surface of the highly efficient condensing tube, so as to make the condensate flow more promptly. The condensate is guided out smoothly along the guiding grooves, reducing the liquid film thickness on the heat exchanging tube surface and increasing the condensing heat transfer efficiency.
The highly efficient condensing tube has simple structure, large heat exchanging area, high heat transfer efficiency and good condensation effect, thus being an excellent enhanced heat transfer tube for various condensation conditions.High Efficiency Tube Heat Exchanger
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