It might feel like having four skills.

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It might feel like having four skills.

Postby 4Rsercom » Mon May 07, 2018 7:53 pm

So my point is that we wont be let to take down tough lotus with harm cap elimination and lucid for sure hard damien has less hp than challenging lotus but you still will need to reach about 400-500m a line so that would signify an party of just people with perfect equipment witha bout 45k stat to make it feasible and 15* tyrants which isnt doable for most people since hqee is almost impossible to receive your hands on and there do exist an fantastic equipset known as absolabs lbl 160 that isnt worth getting into gms format because tyrants are a good deal better at any time over absolabs since acquiring absolabs is a lot of work and provide less stats than tyrants only bad thing would be is 25* starforce would be implemented is if people would transpose tyrants to sweetwaters and also make those 22* as opposed to get an aquarius crown prime it transpose it and also make it 22* aswell so they would find an 220att cape and gloves and boots are 205att and around 300stat each thats the only thing which MS Mesos could happen but downside for all those people are if they want stop together with the character they were playing they dont have the possibilty to market there gears which would be useful for you guys since they would need to block new gears than for a new character and they'd have to buy nx to attain superior stats.

So may be smart to get flames and add starforce into 25* because present format wouldn't work for damage cap elimination because ems old format would give you around 10-15k stat more that is far better than gms format however that would indicate all perfect flames so 60stat 6 percent all + flamed results that's a pain to get.

Eh, as somebody who's spent considerable amounts of time with both of these courses (Mained Aran before Reboot because their launch, and because have mained Dawn Warrior on Reboot), Aran uses more than simply swing when coaching. While bossing you will probably only spam swing+beyonder or last blow + beyonder but if you're training you've leeway to utilize Aran's wide variety of abilities that keep great usefulness well into greater degrees. Maybe the inputs seem too easy to me afterwards using Aran for quite a very long time, however I do not feel they're that complicated. Regardless, once you've learned them, training becomes fairly varied, at your own will at least.

Meanwhile Dawn Warriors don't have quite as much variety later on. That's why Maplestory 2 Mesos I'm debating switching back to Aran right now, since training is actually just spamming one ability over and over again (while being frustrated with Equinox Time's unresponsiveness). The Dawn Warrior's Equinox Time Skill makes it so that you always switch between two abilities while battling based on what position buff you've got active, they are a class to think about if you would like variation. They get two attacking abilities (without long cooldowns) at 4th job. Moon Dancer/Speeding Sunset is just really used for 1v1 scenarios, since it is a single target ability. Crescent Divide/Solar Pierce is utilized for mobbing, and occasionally bossing, but there's not much overlap between the two abilities' uses, but you see the alternating animations so to some it might feel like having four skills.
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