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By Zhang Jianhua

VIENTIANE, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Anti-corruption and strict discipline have become hallmarks of the new leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a Lao scholar has observed.

In a recent interview with Xinhua, Phosy Chanhming, director of the China Studies Center of the National University of Laos, voiced support for the CPC's key tasks such as anti-corruption and strict party discipline as stressed by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee (CPCCC), in the party building.

"I strongly support what the CPC is doing right now," Phosy said ahead of the sixth plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee that opened in Beijing on Monday, which focuses on comprehensive and strict management of the party.

"At anytime, the commitment of 'from the people, for the people, and for the common interests of the people' should be strictly adhered to," the scholar said.

Phosy believes that anti-corruption and party building will help create more favorable conditions for economic development.

"Some people may think that anti-corruption and anti-bureaucracy may harm economic development. But in fact, the exact opposite is true," he said.

"If we fight corruption and bureaucracy to create a transparent environment, investors' confidence will be enhanced and more money will pour in," he said.

The situation in the CPC is similar to that in the Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPRP), said Phosy, as the two have been strengthening intra-party supervision.

During the 10th congress of the LPRP held in early 2016, there were calls from the party itself to strengthen the party structure.

"Particularly, the party strives to strengthen its leadership as well as improve the quality of its party members through tightening party inspection, so as to achieve rapid economic growth and promote Laos' reputation in the international arena," he said.

In recent years, the LPRP has endeavored to strengthen its overall leadership through party building and to improve the quality of its party members, which have helped to maintain political stability and promote the economic growth of the country.

"We need to strictly follow what has been written in the party's rules. That would be the key," he said.

The LPRP has been facing challenges of inequality, competition, adaptability to a changing environment, among others.

To deal with the challenges, the LPRP has been comparing notes with sister parties and parties of other countries, including the CPC, Phosy said.

"The LPRP always focuses on party building and intra-party supervision, track down violations and review the quality of its members," the scholar said.

"We educate those members who commit minor violations and try to solve problems to ensure social stability, peace and order. We can gain public credibility by doing this," he said.

Panama has diverse natural attractions that have made thousands of nationals and foreigners visit every nook and cranny of this tropical country. Volcano Baru also known as the Volcano of Chiriqui is one of the most impressive places. With an altitude of 3.475 meters above sea level adidas ultra boost parley tilbud , the Volcano Baru is the highest elevation in Panama, and the highest volcano in the south of Central America.

Characteristics of the Volcano Baru
The Volcano Baru is located in the best of the province of Chiriqu?, surrounded by the fertile area of the highlands with the splendor of the Chiriqui and Caldera rivers. To the west of the Volcano Baru we find the cities of Volcan and Cerro Punta adidas ultra boost uncaged tilbud , while Boquete is to the east, these areas are the most coveted by the foreign visitors due to its climate, flora and fauna.

A Real Adventure
There are two routs to go up the Volcano Baru adidas ultra boost 3.0 tilbud , one is through a path from the township of Volcan and the other is by road from the district of Boquete, the trip can last 12 hours. During the first part of the trip you will have to cross the Tertiary forest where birds abound. Then, passing by the spring you will arrive to a place known as ?el filo? (the edge) adidas ultra boost dame tilbud , a place to rest and appreciate the lovely view.
In a few meters, the forest disappears and you can appreciate an almost lunar landscape, full of precipices with sharp rocks and the path starts to incline to between 70˚ and 80˚. You can stop on a plane to drink something hot adidas ultra boost dame , since temperatures start to drop. Once on the summit you can see the fog slowly dissipating, leaving an open sky and beautiful cloak of clouds.

If you wish to climb the Volcano Baru you can go individually or in a group. It is possible to observe the city of Santiago of Veraguas, in a clear day you can even see the city of Puerto Armuelles on the Costa Rican ? Panamanian boarder.

It is worth mentioning that the most relevant eruption of the Volcano Baru took place around the year 500. There are also reports and evidence of a minor eruption around the year 1550. There have also been reports of occasional snowing on the summit of the Volcano adidas ultra boost herre tilbud , where the minimum temperature is lower than 0˚C and where the formation of frost is frequent.

Considerations for tourists interested in climbing the Volcano Baru:
? Because it is over 3,000 meters high, eventually your ears will get clogged and you can even start to feel sleepy.
? Remember to bring the right clothing like coats and boots.
? You can bring water adidas ultra boost herre , food and camping equipment if you wish to spend the night on the summit.

Summer is the best time to climb the challenging Volcano Baru. If you wish to visit the province of Chiriqui, we invite you to climb the Volcano Baru, for more information please contact Interpanama Real Estate Agency interpanama.

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