Vacuum System Introduction

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Vacuum System Introduction

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Vacuum System Introduction

Every equipment that can produce vacuum is called vacuum pump. Mechanical pumps, diffusion pumps, adsorption pumps and titanium pumps are commonly used. The performance of vacuum pump is mainly described by two quantities: pumping rate and ultimate vacuum degree. Mechanical pumps and diffusion pumps use special oils as working substances. Therefore, the pollution of oil and oil to research objects should be prevented. Because these two pumps are inexpensive, they are most commonly used in laboratories.

The pumping rate of mechanical pump is very high, but only 0.1333-1.333 3A low vacuum can be produced. Diffusion pumps must use mechanical pumps as front-stage pumps, which can obtain higher vacuum than 1.333 x10-6~1.333 x10-3Pa. Absorption pumps and titanium pumps belong to oil-free pumps. There is no pollution problem of oil vapor. When they are used in series, they can obtain ultra-high vacuum better than 1.333x 10-7Pa.

The vacuum system consists of three parts: vacuum generation, vacuum measurement and vacuum use. It can be assembled reasonably according to need. To install a good vacuum system is a complex and delicate work. Here is a brief introduction. For more information, please refer to the Monographs on vacuum technology.

The choice of materials and components depends mainly on the vacuum degree. Glass blowing vacuum system is commonly used in laboratory, while metal material is used in general commercial equipment. When choosing mechanical pump, we should pay attention to the matching of vacuum degree and pumping rate with diffusion pump. Vacuum gauge can be used to measure the vacuum degree of the system according to the required address range.

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