Together The current floor industry

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Together The current floor industry

Postby fengqingxue » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:09 pm

<p>Zhao Bo, general manager of Chengdu Zhengtai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.<a href=''>Outdoor WPC Wall Panel Bay Area</a> pointed out that although the floor has been developed for many years, many floor sales services still remain in a very simple form. Most brands have neither after-sales service nor dedicated after-sales service brown picket fence sale Even if such a facility is set up, it is only doing some rescue work such as warranty, and it does not provide true service. Therefore, the flooring </p>
<p>industry needs to establish a good sense of service,<a href=''>Advantage Of Wood Wood Products For Pattern Making</a> which is crucial to the healthy and orderly development of the flooring industry. The service model establishes the industry norm It is interesting that the floor of the recent icon, Shengda, and Chint brand almost unambiguously emphasizing service and proposing their own service model can be described as similar to the hero. Royal Celect Siding PricingAccording to the process of floor sales and service, St. John </p>
<p>presented the "six-ring service" model: Icon Goldfinger,<a href=''>Manufacturers Of Pvc Pipes In South Africa</a> Picasso Picasso, St. Icon Express, Icon Gold Installation, Icon Eco-tour, and Icon Cleaning Service. It is reported that Icon goldfinger refers to consumers who do not leave their homes and can make appointments for on-site service after dialing a phone.Cheap Deck Construction Picasso means that professional design and color matching can be made according to the customer's home environment and </p>
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