the domestic flooring market continued

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the domestic flooring market continued

Postby fengqingxue » Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:30 pm

<p>close their doors. In China's industrial economy,<a href=''>Plastic Enclosures For Decking Area Designs</a> vendor relations are the most delicate pair of relationships. China's national conditions determine the irreplaceability of dealers as mainstream channels in the development of the industry. When a production company was founded, 16x16 Deck Material Listit had to rely on distributors to fight the world; but after the company became bigger, the manufacturers hoped to control the terminal and began to flatten the </p>
<p>channels. Behind the sinking of the dealership setting is that the big dealers are cut into small dealers,<a href=''>Landscape Fencing Pictures</a> and even the meritorious dealers are at risk of being abandoned. The popular saying in the business circle is that dealers have “four fears”,uk wood plastic composite handrail outdeck and one manufacturer is not afraid to do too much; two are afraid that manufacturers will increase the threshold after being big; three are afraid that the agent products are not easy to sell; four are afraid </p>
<p>of sales, and the manufacturers supply Can't keep up. <a href=''>tongue and groove treated pine</a>This "four fears" truly reflects the weak position of dealers in traditional vendor relations. Dealers are hard to do, there is an important reason is that dealers in the game with the store is also in a passive position. Compared with the strong supermarkets,Composite Boarding For Planters dealers are still "weak groups" on the whole. The independence and decentralization of distributors make them disadvantageous when </p>
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