household industry in the overall

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household industry in the overall

Postby fengqingxue » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:42 pm

<p>good era, a good year, and China Like the economy, the total amount from 2000 is about 1 billion or so, and it is estimated that this year it will be nearly 4 billion. Of course,<a href=''>plastic fencing for kids indoor play south africa</a> I said that this figure is square meters, because of different industries, in the flooring industry, we say that the scale,corn husk plastic panel often say that he's the number of square meters, seldom say his sales, why not say sales, we eat at noon When talking about sales because each industry </p>
<p>has a characteristic of each industry, when it comes to sales may be the wholesale price, or the number of corporate financial statements, and some tax, some do not include tax,<a href=''>buy polyethylene dimpled sheets</a> and some Enterprises are also reported that what is sales, it is the sales generated by sales prices in the terminal,wood plastic wall cladding suppliers so he is vastly different, so our industry is more customary to talk about his square meters. We can see that in the first ten years of China, it should be said </p>
<p>that there has been a good growth. Although it should be said that this industry is a small industry, let alone put him in various industries across the country,<a href=''>outdoor fire rated wood flooring</a> it should be said that the total sales volume should In about 50 billion. The share of not too much,pvc wall panel in uae the two-year category of the floor has undergone some changes in the floor, the largest category is to strengthen the floor, the original accounted for the second place is solid wood </p>
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