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Environmental protection

Postby fengqingxue » Sun Sep 15, 2019 5:43 pm

<p>cases of unsatisfactory results, mainly because of their reasons not to listen to the designer to make their own decisions, or lack of understanding of the decoration and too much emphasis on cost savings. Designers should listen to the recommendations, but also should learn more about their own decoration knowledge. See the success of the </p>
<p>decoration case can learn a lot, but also to see more decoration failed cases, so as to avoid re-walking those who failed to decorate the road to reduce their losses. Let's take a look at those examples of failed decoration. First, the kitchen 1, kitchen cabinets a bit high, with their hands up, not so easy. 2, the gas must not be facing the wash </p>
<p>basin, because of this, and made the cabinet to move position. 3, the cabinet selected bright pink, was very fond of, but who come all comedy. Second, the bathroom 1, toilet tiles In order to save money, and now tiles, crystal glass mosaic and its do not take. Toilet door only made a single layer of frosted glass, and later found outside </p>

" non slip coating 360 degree view tile , types of retaining walls and their failure modes "
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