Excavator thermostat installation inspection techniques

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Excavator thermostat installation inspection techniques

Postby fengqingxue » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:52 pm

<p>There are many factors influencing the smoothness of asphalt pavement in the construction of highway, especially high-grade highway. There are many factors, such as roadbed,Sell Used Road Construction Machine asphalt mixture and mechanical factors. The following factors during the construction of mechanical factors on the smoothness of asphalt pavement to be explained.</p>
<h3>1. Improper choice of models</h3>
<p>⑴ improper paver selection</p>
<p>In the paving width of 14 m or so, the use of two paver and paving machines. At this point if the selection of the same width of a mechanical assembly screed paver and a hydraulic retractable screed paver, it will affect the asphalt pavement roughness. This is because the mechanical screed screed the main screed and widened screed through the steel between the rigid connection, good integrity, not easy to deformation, paving thickness and smoothness stability; and hydraulic stretch screed rely on telescopic cylinder and telescopic Pipe and other agencies to adjust the width of the paving and support screed, the main screed and widen screed there is a gap between when the paving width will have a high height,Road Trowel Machine Operating Skills paving thickness and smoothness is not easy to control, thus affecting the asphalt pavement Of the flatness.</p>
In addition, the whole pavement should choose the same brand of paving machine, this is because different brands of screed paving <p>screed paving machines in different ways, screed the quality is also different, so paving the road after the density and Appearance is different.</p>
<P>⑵ improper roller selection</P>
<P>The tonnage of the roller should be selected correctly according to the actual needs of asphalt pavement compaction. Some asphalt mixture surface design thickness of only 2 ~ 3 cm, if the use of large tonnage vibratory roller compaction, prone to push, bag, crack, flatness, but poor control.</P>
<h3>2. Improper operation of the paver</h3>
<p>(1) screed and distribution device is not standardized</p>
<P>Screed and distribution device installation irregularities are: Screed when the interface at the height difference; improper vibration beam connection, widening part of the main vibrating beam and the main vibrating beam is not the same level; because the spiral feeder installation is not Reasonable,practical asphalt crack filler equipment cost resulting in asphalt mixture can not be uniformly transported to both ends, resulting in segregation leaving the flatness reduced.</P>
<p>⑵ free shutdown</p>
<p>In the paving process, frequent downtime, start will make pavement just left traces. Although today's paver is equipped with anti-settling lock device, can not completely avoid the screed sink. The longer the paver downtime, the lower the temperature of asphalt mixture, the more obvious the traces, the greater the impact on the road surface roughness.</p>
<P>⑶ improper paving thickness adjustment</P>
<p>If the paving thickness is adjusted frequently in the construction, it will affect the automatic leveling system work of the paver, and then the flatness will be deteriorated. As long as the thickness of the paving within the provisions of the error, try not to man-made adjustment. Due to large thickness deviation must be adjusted, the adjustment should not be too large.</p>
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