If Neymar leaves, Dembelé will join Barca immediately

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If Neymar leaves, Dembelé will join Barca immediately

Postby fifa17coins » Mon May 15, 2017 1:16 am

This season, Dortmund demon star Bethel (Ousmane Dembelé) performance has been recognized by the outside world. As of the 33rd round, Dumbler played 31 times, completed 6 ball 12 assists, averaging 2.74 points; the German Cup played 5 times to complete a ball 2 assists, averaging 2.63 points, with the goal to help the team to reverse Bayern To the finals; even the highest level of the Champions League, Deng Beilei also have 10 games 2 goals 6 assists to play, to help the Hornets reached the quarterfinals.
Deng Beilei in the landing of the Bundesliga season there will be such a stunning performance, of course, is particularly happy in the heart of Dortmund. buy fifa coins However, with the performance of Deng Beilei heyday, the club also began to worry about Deng Beilei was the other giants poaching. Although Bayern has already said it will not Dengbei Lai, Pulicic and Wegel "start", but Dortmund still can not stop the other league giants on Dengbei Lai throwing olive branch. From the German sports one news, Deng Beilei and La Liga giants now go close to Barcelona.
It is reported that Barcelona has been concerned about the date of Deng Beilei for a long time. At the time of Tengbo in Rennes kicked out, Barcelona will also intend to buy it. But Deng Beilei in the analysis of the prospects to join is not conducive to his more playing time in the case, the final choice to the main position of the Dortmund. Facts have proved that Denberto's choice is not wrong! If you choose Barcelona last summer, may be able to get a higher annual salary, but in front of MSN, Deng Beilei can only sit on the bench, simply can not get so much in the Hornet performance opportunities.
However, the Spanish media stressed that the depths of the North Diamond is still very desirable for Barcelona. "Aspen newspaper" will say, cheap fifa coins Deng Beilei seems to intend to join Barcelona in the future, the French star has personally told his agent to keep and Paul's contact. And "Marca" is outspoken, if the warmth of the Soviet Union led to Nei Maer leave, then Deng Beilei is likely to join Barcelona in advance.
However, whenever the time to join, to Deng Beilei now kicked out of the standard and he was only 20 years old (1997.5.15) of the age, the transfer fee is bound to double the doubles (Tengbai joined Dortmund transfer fee for 15 million euros). "Aspen newspaper" speculated that Barcelona at least 36 million or more to spend the possibility of the introduction of this talented teenager. ar.fifacoin.com :geek:
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