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Hot galvanized plate and other steel plate differences

PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:51 pm
by juniperqq
Hot dip galvanized steel plate zinc layer thicker, rust prevention effect is very good, greatly elongated the service life of steel plate. We all know that each product in use for a long time will be damaged, in order to extend the service life of products, products to prevent corrosion is very important, steel plate is not a special case. China galvanized steel coil supplier say, In the steel grid anti-corrosion process there are plastic spraying, painting, aluminum plating, galvanized aluminum, but not the mainstream.
The advantages of hot galvanized steel grid is particularly obvious, the use of hot galvanized steel grid can reduce wind resistance, so the use of hot galvanized steel when the wind is good, even if the wind, but also can make the wind resistance is small, so as to reduce the damage of the wind.

Hot dip galvanized steel plate design is also quite convenient, no small beam structure, the structure is particularly simple, in the design, the implementation of a positive simplification; Hot galvanized board ventilation effect is obvious, and its daylighting effect is also quite good, hot galvanized grid heat dissipation and explosion-proof function is particularly good, so hot galvanized steel is very good reputation.