Diamonds For 4.5 inches grinding wheel, Other Applications?

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Diamonds For 4.5 inches grinding wheel, Other Applications?

Postby juniperqq » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:28 pm

Diamonds made of hard and brittle materials for 4.5 inches grinding wheel, in addition to stone, various silicon crystals and quartz glass, and with the development of modern industry and the continuous advancement of science and technology in China, diamond can be used not only on 4.5 inches grinding wheel.

Diamond is a material with high hardness in nature. Diamond 4.5 inches grinding wheel and diamond saw are diamond tools. They are mainly used to process hard and brittle materials. Various tools have different processing characteristics, and the application range is not the same, but its The wear principle during use is basically the same. Hard and brittle materials will produce high temperature and high heat due to the intense friction during processing. This wear process has to go through three stages, that is, the wear process has a transitional stage. The stages are: fast wear stage, stable wear stage, in which the wear rate is about constant and the wear rate is relatively constant, and the third stage is the accelerated wear stage.

Continuous research has found that the wear of 4.5 inches grinding wheel is different during the transition phase and the stable wear phase. In the transitional stage, the wear and the preparation method of the grinding wheel, the material characteristics and specifications of 4.5 inches grinding wheel are closely related. The wear in the stable stage is mainly friction and wear, the abrasive wear is mainly the friction wear, and the subsequent accelerated wear stage is Everyone is worth noting because, at this stage, the wear and tear of the tools have reached the limit.
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