Common problems in resin grinding disc manufacture

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Common problems in resin grinding disc manufacture

Postby juniperqq » Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:40 pm

Abrasive grinding disc tools is one of the most important methods in machining. It is the most basic and preferred method in precision machining and ultra-precision machining. It has been widely used in industry. Resin abrasive tools are an important part of abrasive tools, and one of the important grinding tools in industrial production and application. In order to promote technical exchange, this article mainly introduces common problems in resin high-quality metal grinding disc manufacturing.

Cause analysis of unstable quality of resin wheel
Many quality problems will occur in the production process of resin depressed grinding disc for metal. Because resin grinding wheel manufacturing belongs to the multi-disciplinary synthesis of composite materials, the causes are complicated.

Raw material problem
Resin grinding wheel is a complex system composed of a variety of main and auxiliary raw materials. As long as the material is abrasive and binder, the auxiliary materials include the filler, reinforcing material, coloring agent and so on.

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