The head of the shell is usually bolted to the fixed

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The head of the shell is usually bolted to the fixed

Postby concretemixer » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:02 pm

The head of the shell is usually bolted to the fixed on the fuselage, the head of the mold inside the mold core seat,
and then use the nut to be fixed in the nose of the nose port,
the core seat is also equipped with And the center of the mandrel and the mandrel has holes which act on the core.
Depending on the type of pressurization, the extrusion process can be divided into two types: continuous extrusion and intermittent extrusion.
The former equipment used for the screw extruder, high output corn flakes breakfast cereals machinesthe latter equipment for the plunger extruder.
In this screw extruder can be roughly by virtue of the number of screws for the single screw extruder and multi-screw extruder.
The working mechanism of the screw extruder depends on the pressure and shear force produced by the rotation of the screw,
which allows the material to be fully plasticized and evenly mixed and molded by die; sometimes it can be done at the same time using an extruder Mixing,
plasticizing and molding a series of processes, so as to continuous production.
In addition, the working mechanism of the plunger extruder is mainly by the use of plunger pressure, the first plastic material in advance from the die extrusion to
achieve the effect of forming. The material in the material cylinder after the extrusion out of the plunger will return to wait until the addition of a new round of
plastic materials and then the next round of operation, this production process is discontinuous production, and the basic material
can not be fully stirred As well as the mixing, excellent one time forming puffing food machines
in addition to the production of pre-plasticization, so the actual production is usually not often used in this method,
can only be applied to the poor mobility or viscosity is very large plastic,
like nitrocellulose plastic this Plastic products of the molding process.
The plastic extruder can be classified as a twin screw extruder, a single screw extruder, and a rare multi-screw extruder and a screwless extruder.
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