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Although Fitbit continues to work hard on the health tracking front, presenting us with its collection of fitness trackers and Ionic smart watches, they may be planning to expand their device family and include smart watches for kids.

As reported in Bloomberg, these assumptions are made based on the words of people familiar with this issue. Obviously, discussions are taking place at Fitbit about the idea of ​​developing devices for young people for several months.

There is no suggestion as to what functions the company can offer for children's smart watch models, but most likely they will overlap with the functions available to other watches, such as tracking the location, allow users to play games and enable children to quickly contact parents. We suppose that there will be several functions of the fitness tracker .

Modern Fitbit devices are recommended for everyone over 13 years old, so there is definitely something to work in this area if they decide to do it. To make a decision it is necessary to weigh a lot of factors, especially regarding confidentiality issues. The report, which was sounded in October last year, covered exactly this question, the questioned release of a series of smart watches for children concerning safety and risk of hacking.

If, however, Fitbit decides to release of seiko smart watches for children , it will be the biggest name on the technology market, of all who have decided to address this issue. Garmin launched their line of Vivofit Jr fitness trackers to stimulate an active lifestyle in children, but the device still does not support features such as GPS and mobile phone connectivity, as happens on adult devices.

Will it happen? We are sure that many parents will like the phrase “Fitbit for children”. At the moment, the company's priorities are to improve the tracking of blood sugar levels and heart condition tracking. But we will not be surprised if Ionic for children appears in the near future.
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