Three types of laser cutting machine

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Three types of laser cutting machine

Postby miaoshuai » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:53 am

Laser cutting machines can be divided into three major types. The description here is based on mode division.
Laser cutting machine is a modern and popular product. It replaces the human labor to complete the items to be cut. There are also many experts in the machine type. In order to suit different cutting requirements, I believe that the laser cutting machine is mainly divided into three. What kind of, specifically, which three?
fiber laser cutting machine,co2 laser cutting engraving machine,bending machine,shearing machine
Equipped type: This type of laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting thick plates and has a large processing range. It can cut 2*6 meters or 3*9 meters directly on the machine.
500W Dual Drive Mini Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Desktop: This kind of machine has a high processing speed when cutting thin plates, but the effective cutting range is generally 1.5*3 meters. (such as switchgear, elevators, decoration, etc.) This kind of machine is now on the market a lot, processing The competition is relatively large, but the application is relatively extensive.
3000W Dual Drive High Speed CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
The principle of the laser cutting machine Laser marking: after the laser is generated, the front lens, the rear mirror, the mirror, and the condenser lens are transmitted to the nozzle. The auxiliary gas is ejected from the nozzle and 99% pure oxygen is used as the cutting gas. High temperature and certain pressure cut through the workpiece? In fact, it is the principle of large-scale laser machines. I think the principles are similar.
Industry's most commonly used large-scale laser machine: mainly by nitrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide gas plus k volts high-pressure laser, 4 of which are all 99% of the high-purity gas.
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