ints. The sky in May is full o

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ints. The sky in May is full o

Postby ylq » Mon Sep 16, 2019 12:30 am

Thought passed over my heart, like a group of wild ducks flying across the sky. I heard the sound of their drums. I can see the side of the island, the scenery of the setting sun. The dark black jungle is rushing to me, and with your shadow, singing the loneliness into a song. The broken chapters suddenly come to my heart. The mutual rain in March is in March, and the embroidery needles are in the palm of the hand. Brocade cut a few inches to see iron horse step ice silk red candle pillow May flower leaves deep June apricot flower village red crisp hand blue silk thousands of roots marriage more than one point and other residual Yang Yucheng Street although short, but the northern special summer hot and humid, The cold and dry winter can be fully displayed. The asphalt roads were cleaned every day. The tall poplars were planted on both sides of the street. In April, some white flowers began to bloom, and at this time my body began to produce a piece of pink "clouds" Newport 100S. I hate it. There are not many people in the town, but by the time of the festival, some of the main roads are bustling, and some colorful flyers are constantly flying in the air. In a short while, there will be more ��patches�� on the road. I have to mention the tricycle on the street. It seems that I used an ordinary tricycle and added an iron canopy. The cost is very low. However, there are too many people driving this tricycle, which leads me to think that the reason why the town economy has not developed slowly is that most people have switched to tricycles Marlboro Gold. Then I don't know from which day, the town started to use the bus, because I don't know where there are some safety hazards in many tricycles, so people in the town began to change to take the bus. The tricycle owners are like the ants on the hot pot, carrying themselves around the town, the things that were originally used to make money have become a burden. I suddenly remembered it when I wrote this. I lost a newly bought mobile phone on the tricycle a while ago Wholesale Cigarettes. I naturally painted the unknown person a small circle. Every day I cursed it in my heart for ten thousand times, so I couldn��t help it. I vowed not to take a tricycle anymore. The town is holding a lake. The lake is very clear. There is a lonely island in the heart of the lake. In the past two years, temples and resorts have been built on the island. It is also a good place to relax and enjoy. In the midsummer, the lake opened a big evening, the town was quiet, and the small windows showed warmth and warmth. And the sunset sprinkled on the lake like the broken gold on the ground, everything is getting softer. Lost in a quiet dusk on a certain day of the month. I am so clear that I have been arguing that I have to go to the city together. I am a sorrowful sorrow of the times. When I was a teenager, my thin life was finally pinned on one thing that I longed for: Falling in the "Shou" Clarified Hokkaido, Japan's intoxicating flowers, the glittering white snow of Mount Fuji; Anne's indescribable dark swamp Medog, Inner Mongolia bicolor wilderness, Lhasa nine thousand feet high, Lijiang ancient streets. These are the scenery I have not seen yet. When I have been to Wuzhen, there is not enough room for prosperity. The house is very low, and there are pieces of bluestone on the road, all of which are ancient imprints. The sky in May is full of green glazed pieces, and it can't be turned green. Then there is a rain that crouches in May. The air is filled with grass and fragrant, and the hands of the hands are filled with crystals. Your eyebrows. If the human heart is immersed in this water vapor, and unconsciously washed away the lead, all the cockroaches have become a thing of the past. You may imagine encountering old love in the corner of a certain alley. If you can also encounter another embarrassment, even if you really only have one person, you will be accompanied by an ancient stone bridge and a group of people who come here to watch. people. There are some handicraft shops or
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