Discussion about improving skills in FIFA 17(B)

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Discussion about improving skills in FIFA 17(B)

Postby fifacoinkopen » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:13 pm

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If must say something how to improve line-up, it can be improved from the characteristics of players. It's not hard to see from the occupation game player lineup that the most common and most effective configuration is: the forwards who are with fast pace skill, is good at shooting and better with headers. The midfielders who are outstanding in defence, are good at break through and are with not bad passing skill. The goalkeeper had better be over 6.4 feet who be one of David De Gea, Bart Rand, Thibaut Courtois, samir handanovica man of handanuoweiqi. By the way, don't buy blue cards of Neuer due to I found it through more than 100 games, the 98 Neuer is much worse compared to the 96 Neuer of last year. And the point is there is no difference between the blue card anf the 92 gold card! Yes, it's not better than the gold card at all and at least I have the test results. So whatever goalkeeper rated, its not very important in FIFA 17.

Since line-up have no impact to team achievement so why should I buy these blue cards? Because I love these players, especially Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and Luka Modric. It's fun to play with your favorite players. When facing a goal lost, what's your thoughts? My consciousness, how to improve these aspects of operation? For example, in the face of opponents of different styles, how do I deal with? Can I keep my mind calm in all times? Why my offensing didn't work? Is it my set-pieces too simple? Can I did several practical SM in the right timing? What's the best time for the winning shot? Do I know deeply in two ways of movement and positioning? Is it right to shoot? Is that the right angle? Why do my defence always been got a leak? Patient enough? Is the position line good enough when facing the opponent? Is my marking strong enough in defensing?

Play more with experts of good consciousness in FIFA 17 and train for a long time being accustomed to draw some experiences.
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Re: Discussion about improving skills in FIFA 17(B)

Postby Laxmi123 » Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:58 pm

hello everyone
I hope FIFA 17(B) is one of the organization in that Organization to develop each and everyone discussing the skills fro improving our skills,daily discuss the anything automatically skills are improved........

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