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There are two types of soccer fan: Those who love backheels and those who hate them. I'm firmly in the former camp and think there's no better sight in the beautiful game than a backheel goal.

I remember the first I saw. It was in the 1994-95 Champions League and Manchester United were playing Barcelona at Old Trafford. There were 10 minutes to go and United were 2-1 down before Roy Keane nike air max 93 sale , wearing the No.9 shirt, burst down the right side of the box to square the ball to an -onrushing Lee Sharpe who let the ball come across him and flicked into the far corner with his right heel. To make it cooler, it was Sharpe's wrong foot.

That might have been the first I can recall but it's not the last. Cristiano Ronaldo scored one for United against Aston Villa in 2008 before he moved to Real Madrid and made such goals look like a habit. Zlatan also has his own showreel of backheel finishes. Jeremy Menez somehow managed to chip the Parma keeper with one last season, Grafite once walked past the entire -Bayern Munich defense before slotting a backheel past three defenders stranded in the six-yard (5.5-meter) box and Kanu hit one on the volley from 12 yards for Arsenal against Boro in 2004.

Sometimes backheels have been -decisive. Robert Lewandowski effectively won the league with a backheel against Bayern, while Bastian Schweinsteiger actually did win the league for Bayern with one. Denis Law's backheel against Manchester United sent his former club to the second tier.

It's not only the elite who score them. Just this week, Michail Antonio scored for Nottingham Forest against Walsall with one. A few days earlier nike air max 180 sale , ADO Den Haag keeper Martin -Hansen flung a leg out onto a last-minute free kick and rescued a point against -champions PSV. Tha'er Bawab might have played for both Barcelona B and Real Madrid C but the Jordan striker's finest moment was scoring a backheel against Dinamo Bucharest that made him an Internet sensation in 2012.

Even better is when the haters can't know if it was a fluke. Charlie Mulgrew's backheel lob for Scotland against Nigeria, Motaz Salhani's 35-yarder for Al Wahdat in the Jordanian Pro League and Matty Burrows bagging for Glentoran against Portadown in Northern Ireland all ask the same question: Did he mean it?

In Burrows' case FIFA seemed to think so. His goal beat out Neymar, Messi and Robben to come third in the 2010 goal of the year award. Still in doubt? Cristiano Ronaldo voted for it to win. And he's a man who knows a thing or two about backheels.

KUNMING, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- At 31, Qian Renfeng is unmarried, homeless and jobless. After spending more than a decade in prison for a crime she did not commit nike air max 90 sale , she must now adjust to life in a world that seems almost alien.

When her life sentence for murder was quashed last week, Qian did not even know how to use a cell phone: When she was incarcerated in March 2002, such devices had barely made it to her impoverished village in Qiaojia County in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Her village is almost unrecognizable. However, while new, flat, tarmac roads connect neat buildings nike air max 98 sale , which boast all the trappings of modern society, her childhood home is the same old, rundown shack she left 13 years ago.

In February 2002, at a nursery where Qian was working as a nurse, a toddler died of food poisoning and two other children were hospitalized.

Qian, who had prepared the children's meals that day nike air max tn sale , was forced into confessing that she had mixed raticide in with the food. It was on the basis of this forced confession that she was to be found guilty of murder.

"The interrogators made me kneel for hours, cuffed my hands behind my back," she said. "In a state of fury, extreme pain and exhaustion, I said I was guilty."

She said that she had littered her confession with contradictions in the hope that the investigators would uncover these lies and declare her innocent, but they didn't. She only escaped capital punishment because she had not yet turned 18 nike air max plus sale , and in China the death penalty does not apply to minors.

The world has changed so much in the years when Qian was stripped of her freedom.

Her mother died eight months before she was released from jail.

"I was told that even on her deathbed, Mom was inconsolable over my absence and my wrongful conviction," she told Xinhua on Monday.

While Qian only made it to the fifth grade, her sister, who is two years younger and illiterate, is married and has a son. Qian spent her first two nights of freedom in her sister's big family home nike air max 1 sale , and she could not shake off her resentment.

"She has everything and I have nothing -- not even an ID, which means I can't buy a cellphone or open a bank account," she said bitterly.

As bleak as Qian's future may seem, she remained resolute throughout her prison term, even when her pleas of innocence fell on deaf ears.

Although she found writing extremely difficult, while behind bars nike air vapormax plus sale , Qian wrote petition after petition asking for a retrial, but to no avail.

Then in April 2010, a group of lawyers visited the No. 2 Prison for Women in Yunnan Province, where Qian was an inmate, and offered the priosners free legal advice.

"Their visit was a glimmer of hope in the darkness, so I shared my story with Yang Zhu nike air max 95 sale , one of the lawyers," she said.

Yang said he saw something in Qian's eyes that convinced him of her innocence. "I saw extreme sadness, grievance and urgency, which was rare in someone who had been in prison for eight years."

When Yang studied Qian's files, he found the contradictions in her "confession," forged signatures on documents that Qian said she had never seen nike air max 2018 sale , and an apparent lack of substantial evidence to support her murder conviction.

Yang helped Qian file for a retrial in August 2011. Even though the provincial higher people's court rejected the petition, Yang refused to give up.

In July 2013, the Yunnan provin. Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap MLB Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys From China Cheap NHL Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap New NBA Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China
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