optimizing the grinding chamber

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optimizing the grinding chamber

Postby gjsohcat » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:57 pm

The variable thickness ribs can be used, which not only can reduce the weight of the grinding roller, but also ensure sufficient strength. Wherein, the wall thickness between the two bearings of the grinding roller can be appropriately thinned to reduce the weight, and the design method is mainly for increasing the performance of the grinding roller in production. To make it better serve the material grinding process.

Then, for the improvement of the frame, the part is a more important part of the Raymond mill, and its weight deeply affects the weight of the equipment, so from the perspective of energy saving, the optimization process of the grinding chamber The welding frame should be vigorously developed, and then the design of the structure should be based on the force, and the weight and weight should be reduced to meet the strength and rigidity.

The above is the problem of the influence of the optimization of the grinding chamber on the performance of the Raymond mill. The optimization of the part is mainly reflected in two aspects: the optimization of the grinding roller and the optimization of the frame. The design of the two should be It is based on force, and attention should be paid to reducing its weight and improving its reliability. This is an effective solution to improve machine performance.
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