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Education > Online EducationEarning An Online University Degree
Posted by nick_niesen in Education on October 27th Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , 2010

Earning a University degree online can be an experience that is every bit as enriching, interpersonal, and dynamic as attending college the traditional face-to-face way. A big misconception is that online learning is impersonal. This isn聮t the case at all. Programs offered online present the same opportunities for group work, independent study, and interpersonal communication as do traditional methods of learning. In fact Wholesale Jerseys From China , attending college online helps to facilitate the independent learning process, as well as developing time management skills. Attending college online takes just as much commitment as the old-fashioned way of going to school, and the potential career and personal benefits are just as great, if not greater.

There are many advantages for a student seeking a University degree to choose an online institution. A student does not need to live locally to attend the school of choice. Attending all classes and submitting coursework online eliminates the need for commuting or relocating. Earning an online University degree is a convenient way to advance your education and training. A school may offer more sections of popular courses, as well as night and weekend courses Wholesale Jerseys China , which allows a student more flexibility. This is an ideal situation for those who work full time andor care for a family. Additionally, if you are a student who is considering returning to school after several years, going to school online is a perfect way to ease into the routine of class work and projects again, and can lessen the stress of feeling the need to fit in with younger students. Besides, who wouldn聮t find it appealing to attend college from the comforts of home?

It is possible to earn and online University degree in a fraction of the time that it would take to attend a traditional college or University. Many online programs offer accelerated degree programs. This is ideal if you are looking to advance your career Wholesale Jerseys , and are in a hurry to do so. Many online programs also offer students the option of attending part time. These are often fully accredited programs, which is a benefit for you in having your degree recognized by potential employers and various professional organizations. Attending a fully accredited online University is also critical if you have credits from previous college courses that you wish to transfer, or if you decide to transfer to another University later on. It is important to check the credentials of the online institution to be sure of its accreditation.

If you are worried that you might not be able to afford an online University, there are options. Some employers might offer to pay a portion or even all tuition and fees toward an employee receiving a degree. Also, financial aid in the form of grants Wholesale Basketball Jerseys Free Shipping , loans, and even scholarships might be available to you. Check with the particular online program of interest to see what financial options are available.

The type of degree earned at an online University is practically limitless. Aside from earning Associate聮s, Bachelor聮s, and PhD degrees, professionals can continue their educations and stay up to the minute in their fields. Online learning is no longer just for web designers and computer programmers. You may study Business Wholesale Basketball Jerseys China , Social Sciences, Criminal Justice, Humanities, Mathematics, Human Resources Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys , Fine Arts, and various Healthcare programs. Depending on the type of degree you are seeking (graduate, for example), there may be certain academic requirements that you have to fulfill to be able to attend. Make sure you do your research when trying to decide on an online University.

With the prevalence of the Internet and technologies such as teleconferencing available today, it is possible to come away from the experience of attending and online University not only with a degree Wholesale Basketball Jerseys , but also being more in tune with technology, which has the potential to broaden your career opportunities even more. Attending an online university is a legitimate, convenient, and flexible way for you to advance you education, as well as your career and personal potential.

PARIS, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) -- Ligue 1 members Olympique de Marseille announced Monday afternoon that Margarita Louis-Dreyfus has sold the club to former Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt.

"Mr. Frank H. McCourt, Jr. and Ms. Margarita Louis-Dreyfus today have entered into exclusive discussions for the acquisition of the Olympique de Marseille football club by Mr. McCourt," read an official statement on the club's website.

"Details of the transaction were not disclosed," it added. "The objective is to complete the transaction before the end of the year, after consultation of the works council of Olympique de Marseille."

French media RMC, however, reported that "McCourt is understood to have paid north of 40 million euros to buy the club".

Russian born Louis-Dreyfus, who announced her decision to sell the top-flight team in April after 20 years with the club citing the side's poor form, has also met Marseille mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin together with McCourt to inform the transaction of ownership.

"Being a part of Olympique de Marseille and helping the club achieve success both on and off the pitch would be an honor and privilege for me and my family," McCourt told OM website.

"Now, a new era begins. To maintain an emotional connection between OM and my family, I would stay with the club and continue to support it as a small minority shareholder," Louis-Dreyfus said.

McCourt, 63 years old, purchased the Dodgers in 2004 for 430 million U.S. dollars financed mainly by debt, and ended up his ownership in 2011 when Major League Baseball seized the team from him due to finance concerns.

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