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For celebrating a cultural and traditional wedding during your Rhodes Holidays , you will need to plan for some great Rhodes holidays ideas. As wedding always needs a big planning and when you are going to arrange wedding during holidays then there are some important things that you must be aware of and add up in your wedding day.

There are 5 important things for wedding on Rhodes Island which you must be familiar with on the Rhodes Holidays.

1. Wedding Types:
Legally you can arrange your wedding day in three styles. You can decide according to your requirements and needs.
a. Civil Wedding
b. Cathedral Wedding
c. Orthodox Wedding

2. Legal Needs For Wedding:

After knowing about the types of wedding now you must know about some legal requirements regarding the wedding in Rhodes. There you need to check a number of documents and papers before arranging any other thing for the wedding day. Because nothing can be done without these documents, you have to officially translate and submit these documents.

I. Requirements for Civil Wedding:

Following is the list of documents required for civil wedding in Rhodes Island Greece:

a. Birth certificates of bride and the groom showing their parents? names.
b. Passports of both bride and groom with photocopies
c. Declaration if anyone of you is divorced.
d. Adoption certificate in case of adopted child.
e. Certificate of Non-Impediment.
f. Husband?s death certificate in case the bride is widow.
g. Deed poll certificate if bride or groom has changed the name.

II. Requirements for Catholic Church Wedding:

a. Basic Requirements:
Catholic Church weddings have three basic requirements that must be fulfilled
? None of bride and groom has been previously married.
? Either bride or groom or both of them are catholic.
? Both bride and groom are baptized.

b. State Requirements:
? Birth certificates
? Deed poll certificate if bride or groom has changed the name.

c. Church Requirements:
? Baptism Certificate.
? Confirmation Certificate.
? Letter of Freedom from the diocese in your own country.
? Letter of Dispensation should a Catholic be marrying a non-catholic

It is also mandatory to inform the catholic priest of the local parish of bride and groom that they intend to marry abroad. All document requirements and preparations required by Catholic Church will be performed by the priest. Once all requirements are fulfilled the catholic priest in Rhodes will inform where the ceremony will take place.

III. Requirements for Orthodox Wedding:
The legal requirements for Orthodox weddings in Rhodes Island Greece are similar to those for civil wedding. However in this case the marriage can be performed even if bride or groom or both of them have been married previously.

3. Wedding Accessories:
Without the accessories weddings can never be complete. The most lavish you make your wedding day, the more pleasure you will get. So for having such a special day during the Rhodes holidays you really need to plan such things that make your wedding memorable.

You can choose many things for your wedding day, the most important of which are the wedding flowers. You can find a huge variety of different flower styles like Stand ? Fresh Flowers, Flower Girl Baskets, Bridesmaids Bouquet , Hoop or Ball, Table Arrangements, Buttonholes, and corsages etc.

Also you can select the best means of transportation, which includes all the lavishness and comfort. You can choose from Luxurious cruises (or you can even arrange the whole ceremony in it), wedding car , horse or Limousine.

4. Entertainment:
The best part of Rhodes holidays wedding is the entertainment which is filled with uniqueness. One of the finest entertainments is the traditional Greek dance, which will give an exclusive feature in your wedding ceremony. Also you will have the whole band of singers singing live music to make your wedding more enjoyable.

5. The last legal Requirement:
For undertaking your wedding is authoritatively accepted in the state, you will be required to submit a notarized certificate copy of the marriage. Keep in mind; you have to carry this out before departing for your home country. Moreover the marriage certificate should be filled in with the advocate and registrar of your home county.
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